Gel Polish

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Gel polish manicures have exploded onto the nail colour market as the new way to have nail colour that lasts weeks as opposed to traditional nail lacquers that commonly last days before chipping or flaking. Originally aimed at the salon market these products are now widely available for retail clients who have discovered the ease of use of the products.

Whilst the gel polish revolution promises better performing manicures actually getting great results doesn’t always happen for quite a variety of reasons. Here are the four common ones:

1. Gel polishes come in all sorts of different formulations and some are clearly much better than others. Just because a product has the words “Gel Polish” on the label and comes looking like a regular nail polish would doesn’t always mean that the formula will give you great looking nails that will wear for weeks. Some suppliers have been quick to seize upon the word shellac adding it to their products with the obvious inference that the product is similar to CND Shellac. A quick look at the ingredients usually indicates that most of these products are not even remotely close to the CND formulation. Whilst some of the less expensive formulations do work well it’s pretty much still the case that what you pay for is what you get !

2. Gel polishes need a nice clean nail to adhere well to. If you want to see weeks of wear from any gel polish then really cleaning the natural nail well before applying the first coat is vital. It’s important to be aware that some polish removers can contain oils to limit their drying effect so if the supplier of your gel polish has a preferred cleanser then it’s probably best to use it to get the best results.

3. Gel Polishes need to be cured well. As the gel polish revolution took place so did a drive to get the pricing for the UV curing systems down at the same time. The result is that the internet is awash with UV curing implements with widely varying qualities. This can give rise to the problem that the gel polish looks cured on the surface, but underneath the surface the gel may have not cured properly. This invariably means that the coating will peel off the natural nail at some stage – usually within days. Making sure that the UV curing system that you are using can properly cure the gel polish is vital if you want the colour to last for weeks.

4. Gel Polishes need some love and care !. Gel polish formulations are quite widely varied, but they all need some tender love and care to give their best. A lot of gel polishes contain some organic solvents much like regular nail polish does. When you remove the cap to apply the gel polish a little of that solvent is lost each time. As you use up the gel polish it’s likely to get a little thicker which will make it harder to apply and thicker when applied which will give rise to incomplete curing which in turn will produce chipping or peeling. When using solvent based gel polishes don’t leave the cap off the bottle for any longer than necessary and remember to tighten the cap well when you are finished. It’s also important to remember not to leave the bottle, cap or brush anywhere near the UV light source when you are curing your nails. Usually the neck of the bottle isn’t UV protected like the rest of the bottle is and if the bottle is near the UV source during curing any product near the neck of the bottle will be cured thus eventually reducing your ability to get further product out of the bottle.

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