Boutique Lacquer

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In the last five years there has been an explosion of boutique nail lacquers with the advent of greater availability of small batch sizes of the various raw materials that are used in nail colour production. The first boutique colours ( often also called indie colours ) were “glitter bombs” where masses of various sized and coloured glitters were added to untinted lacquer bases. Once other colourants like pearlescent and colour travel pigments were discovered by indie makers the next range of colours hit the indie scene and then finally the inorganic and organic tinters were available and then indie makers pretty much had the entire spectrum of materials that the major manufacturers used. In fact because indie polish makers did not have the conventional constraints of pricing imposed by the distribution channels of larger brands they flourished making economical and unique colours that have changed the spectrum of products coming to the market today. It’s easy to see the inspiration for OPI colours like “I reached my Gold” and “The Living Daylights” in the early indie glitter bombs that were available.

JOSS has been instrumental in assisting the rise of boutique nail brands in Australia by making available a wide range of nail colour raw materials in quantities that have allowed many small startups to create their own nail colour ranges. You can see the range of products available right here.

Through the inspiration of the various indie makers JOSS as a nail lacquer brand has also looked to create a more diverse portfolio of products with greater use of glitters, travel pigments and various holographic materials all in our 5 free lacquer base. We trust that you enjoy them. To see JOSS colours follow this link

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